Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Going Back In

This morning I head back to the hospital. Yeah, another procedure is required. Apparently my body is rejecting the intra-abdominal stitches. I have had these nasty blisters running down my mid-line incision since being in the ICU. I assumed they would heal pretty quick. It has been over 12 weeks since the surgery, so we should have beautifully healed over skin... but I don't. Last week, these blisters decided to give me a little surprise. Every other night, I would wake up in the middle of the night, feeling something cold and wet all around my torso and arms. I guess the blisters were tired of playing nice. Blood and puss everywhere. Yuck. Ruined my sleep and did a number on the sheets to boot.

I finally saw the surgeon a week ago, and he was very cool about things. Said he would open one of them up and just remove the sutures. After jabbing me with lidocaine over a dozen times, he started rooting around. Forty minutes later, he gave up. Said he needed better light, different tools and I needed better drugs. So we rescheduled for today. In the hospital. Fun eh?

So why begin this blog posting with a picture of Aurora? Because I woke up early today to see her off. She leaves for the bus to school really early. I needed a chance to make sure she knew I loved her. She is still wicked upset and worried. Having seen me with dozens of tubes coming out of every natural orifice (and many new orifices too) in the ICU, she was scared this would be more of the same. No one who saw me then wants me back in the hospital. But, I have to go. It's time to get these sutures out so I can finish healing these open wounds.

Once I can safely say the wounds are filled in and healed, I can get cranking on rebuilding my abdominal muscles. After that, I can start throwing pots again... I hope.


Michael Kline said...

You're in our thoughts today. Good luck.

Here's to that day when you make pots again!!

Dan Finnegan said...

Alex, I hope that your latest procedure was brief and successful..you seem to be handling your ordeal with grace and I'm sending you some good vibes today. My own recovery seems to be on track. Let's work on those abdominal muscles together. I've had a little beer belly for some time, but this is ridiculous!

-Rob, Simple Circle Studios said...

Hope everything went well today. Those hospitals can be a bear.

potterboy said...

Yep - good luck.

Alex Solla said...

@Dan- When I think on what you and I have had done to our innards this fall, I am just in awe. I am so glad your recovery has gone so well. And yes, this beer belly gut thing is just weird! I am anxious to be back to doing massive crunches and ab exercises!!!

@Rob- Things went VERY well today. They even sent me home with a specimen container with the nearly three FEET of heavy monofiliament that was holding my innards...in. WILD.

@Michael - I cant wait till my days are spent at the wheel instead of at PT. I love how much these guys have helped my coordination and strength, but DAMN do I miss making pots!