Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Last Firing Before the Holidays

Today Hannah and I unloaded the last glaze firing for this year. It was loaded with the last of the orders from summer and fall. There is something so wonderful about knowing that the orders that have been waiting are finally done. The best part is that tomorrow I can start boxing things up to ship after the holidays.

This firing was for the first time, filled more with Hannah's work than with mine. As we unloaded and cleaned pots, it was really fun to see all the new ideas that Hannah has been pursuing for the past few months while I have been incapacitated. She has put a ton of effort into keeping the shelves stocked with mugs, sorbet bowls and plates. Her teapots and her butter dishes stole the show. The decoration is finally starting to meld with the form and the overall effect is awesome.


cookingwithgas said...

what fun teapots!
Have a very Merry Christmas!

Alex Solla said...

Yeah, Hannah makes some FUN teapots! I love that look on her face too.

Reno/Sparks IBEW Local 1245 Retirees Club said...


Dirt-Kicker Pottery said...

Wow. Hannah is very good. I love that teapot. Merry Christmas :)

justin said...

Hannah's teapots are looking fantastic! She was just in the talking stages last time I was in studio, I can't believe how much progress she's made!

That first shot of her is just unbelievable. The contrast is pitch perfect and is that a red filter effect you're using to smooth out the B&W to such a porcelain shine?

Wonderful work!

Merry Christmas (cookies) to you, Nancy, and Aurora!

Alex Solla said...

@Justin- Hannah has come a long way. Part of the benefit of having the studio to herself for so many months.

As for the photography... yeah, a red filter to B&W would have produced very similar results... but instead I use NIK Silver Effects... in photoshop, with a custom filter I created. I love the slight vignette and the heightened contrast and texture. All of that was straight from NIK silver effects, but with my customization. Fun stuff.