Monday, November 10, 2008

The Fine Craft Show in Rochester

We're finally home after a long weekend at the Fine Craft Show in Rochester.
We met some new faces, made a few new friends, and had a good time. As with all of our shows this year, sales were off. Probably made less than half what we made at this same show two years ago. Somehow it doesn't surprise me at all.

The good: This show IS the tops when it comes to making an artist feel good at a show. They pamper you in the most awesome ways. Friday night before the preview party, artists are invited to a chili dinner. Some chocolate brownies helped us recharge our batteries after an exhausting setup. After closing things up at 9pm we made our way over to our host's house. Judy was the most amazing host anyone could ask for. Morning came and found us breakfasted to the hilt and ready for a new day. Dinner Saturday night was with Teddie and her husband at their home (along with about 8 other artists from the show). Feasting on salmon and pork loin is not what most shows are like for us! Sunday morning we awoke to an artist's breakfast at the museum. During show tear-down we had even MORE help than we had during set-up. Judy came and helped pack us out. The Kings were there to help schlep our boxes out to the van/trailer. Talk about a different way to look at a show. This was just about the best way one could imagine a show coming together.

Tomorrow we have a tour group of docents coming down from the Memorial Art Gallery to attend an exhibition of Edo period prints from Japan at the Johnson Museum at Cornell. After their tour at Cornell, they are stopping by here for a short talk on the influence of Japanese ceramics on our work (past and present). Should be a fun time!

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