Sunday, November 23, 2008

Working on holiday cards and thank you cards

We have been trying to figure out ways of thanking our patrons who see us through all the rough spots any studio has. They show up in inclement weather for openings, they find us at shows when we get our booth space moved, ... most of all, they appreciate all the work we do in the studio. They bring our work into their homes and along with it... part of ourselves.

So, we've been working on ideas for holiday greeting cards and potential thank you cards.
Here are a few ideas.

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Anonymous said...

From Carrie Crane - who refuses to comment via the comment button and instead uses email...

This is one of the best cat photos I think I have ever seen (and I take a LOT of cat pictures, speaking to the disproportionate ratio of cats vs people in my life). Your photos are really good, Alex. Some even quite spectactular!