Monday, November 3, 2008

Through a Glass Lightly

Before the BIG DIG... just after we tore the concrete steps off.

A month later, the stairs are nearly done, the gas and waterlines have been run and the trench has been filled in.

I've been making so many pots these past few weeks that I needed a break tonight. Ironically, I have also been spending most of my mornings building stairs for the house. A month ago we tore out our concrete stairs into the house. Then we laid gas and water lines to the studio. With the trench backfilled and (somewhat) levelled, it was time to get stairs BACK into the house. With winter on the way, we all knew that the deck stairs and the sliding glass doors would not be a viable option much longer. We've all been slip sliding down the deck stairs on leaves and pine needles covered in frost and ice. Not fun.

This weekend Robert and I dove into the stair project headfirst. By Saturday afternoon we had rented a posthole digger and had made the footer holes and had begun the framing. Today we finished off the stringers for the stairs and the deck framing. All the treads have been cut and the decking is cut and ready for painting. My hope is that the week's weather will hold and we'll have perfect painting weather. If so, we could be done with this whole project before next weekend. Whew! That would be nice!

Meanwhile, I have had a few opportunities for capturing some interesting images. I love the way looking through glass changes so many things.

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