Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pride and Awe

This morning I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. When I listened to Obama's acceptance speech, I just cried. Watching these images of huge crowds of people taking to the streets cheering for the outcome of the election. It makes me proud. I am so glad my daughter got a chance to see this. The past eight years have made her a real cynic when it comes to politics. On my end, I have felt that way since Carter left office. Today I have hope. Real hope. It feels like the world shifted just a little bit, maybe a lot. It makes me proud to know that an intelligent, caring, hopeful, African-American man is in the White House. Rather than delve into all the negativity that this election season dragged up, I am so excited to be looking forward with optimism. This is just the coolest thing in the world.

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Maggie said...

The really exciting thing is that the rest of the world is feeling the same way...yesterday there were headlines over here like 'America just got a little bit cooler'.