Thursday, February 5, 2009

Footed Mug

I just wanted to share this footed mug that came out of the kiln a short while ago. As beautiful as it is in Lime, I think the sepia-tone really gives it a completely different aura.

More on footed mugs next week.


Judy Shreve said...

I like a lot - also love the slip work. (it is a nice photo)

Alex Solla said...

Thanks Judy. I have been spending far too much time working in Photoshop this week. Not enough time working on my taxes. Guess what I need to do next week?!

Hopefully this weekend we'll get a chance to shoot some images of the HUGE pile of work we've made over the past 2 weeks. The studio is overflowing with pots!

judsculpt said...

It's quite beautiful, I like the drizzle of slip,Judy R

Alex Solla said...

Slip trailing is so different from the other decorating techniques I have worked with. I still lack the control I would love to have. Some potters make it look so easy! Take a look at Hannah McAndrew's blog:

Her control of slip is amazing!