Monday, February 9, 2009

Places in Time

It is so hard trying to shoot images from a moving minivan... but we managed! Aurora shot from the back seat, Nancy from the passenger seat and now and then we stopped and I shot too! There are some days where the light is just ideal for shooting... you can't pass those times up.

One of the biggest problems I think many photographers face is what to do when you're faced with great light. On one hand you'll shoot anything if the light is magical. But what if you really want to capture some particular subject ... and instead you get so-so light. It's tough. Sometimes I think the light is really all I am shooting for. Something to bounce the light off, something the light can illuminate... not really sure how to express it.

In the bridge image above, all I saw (in color mind you) was the way the dark silhouette of the girders of the bridge framed the light pouring in from behind. Bear in mind, we were doing about 55mph, in a minivan that had seen the better part of the week coated in salt rime. Dirty doesnt begin to describe that windshield. But I shot through it... while driving.

The first image was a give-away. No potter could resist this shot.

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