Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another long evening of glazing

It really shouldn't take this long. After all these years, you'd think I would have figured out a better, simpler, faster way to get glaze off the bottoms of my pots. Nope. Not sure there is one. So, I wax, I glaze, it dries a while, then I clean all the drips off. That seems like all I have done since about 2pm this afternoon! But... it's done. The kiln is loaded and I am excited. (I'm always a little excited when we fire.)

Tonight is the first batch of lime since last year. We haven't made a lot of pots in Lime because I haven't had many orders calling for it.... till June... and now we have more than a few pots waiting to become LIME. So, tonight that's what we're firing. In fact, we'll be firing Lime again, on Friday, and perhaps again on Tuesday! Lots of pots have accumulated so it's time to get them through the kiln. We're still waiting on some materials for our Sunset glaze, but as soon as they arrive, we can get the pots for those orders glazed up and fired too!

So what's next? Well... I have been hoping to find time this "Spring" to work on our Espresso Brown glaze. It never really happened. Jim Gottuso over at Sofia's Dad's Pots was kind enough to send me a recipe he has been testing that looks like a warm chocolate bar! Hopefully I can get some tests going of that glaze base on our claybodies soon! Also wondering when we'll finally start playing with a creamy white glaze. I want to develop something with some character... some movement, but also still very satin, well behaved.

You know... the perfect glaze. That's all I want.


jimgottuso said...

hi alex, beautiful orange color in the first pic... the piece with that chocolate glaze is in the cooling kiln right now, i peeked in and it looks a bit on the dark side but i'll let you know

Alex Solla said...

Reminds me of a T-shirt I saw a few months back....

Come over to the Dark Side.
We have cookies.

(in your case those would be Chocolate cookies!)