Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Walking Into the Sun

Dana and Justin were kind enough to email us pictures of our last visit to the Creamery on their last night here in T-burg.

We walked up that road into the sunset so many times. Usually arriving at the Creamery just before dark, sometimes closer to closing-time. A ritual for sure, complete with rights of passage. I think in the end, we all tried Cake Batter Supreme!


June Perry said...

What a spectacular photo!

Carrie said...

Wow! Great shot! How much tweaking did you have to do to get that color?

Alex Solla said...

@June- Thanks! It was a special day. Our last trip for a while.

@Carrie- Maybe what I should do is do a little mini-tutorial for my next blog posting. Think anyone would read it? Or care?

To answer your question... the original image, shot by Justin Souza, had all the figures in the foreground completely silhouetted into blackness. No detail whatsoever. The sky was gorgeous but primarily bluish.

Want to see the "before" picture?

Marya [MarzipanBob] Afzal said...

Cake batter is totally their best flavor! And that photo is amazing :)