Sunday, July 26, 2009

Taking a break

A funny thing happened on my way through the garden yesterday. It rained.


With near-clockwork precision, just as we closed up shop, a HUGE summer storm came wailing through. Ten minutes later everything was wet and blown down. As the water started shedding and plants regained their upright posture, there was just enough light to catch a few images before dark.


cookingwithgas said...

I love picture of flowers in the garden.
Rain? You had rain? Send us a little... just a little.

Alex Solla said...

Rain? Last night we had another ferocious summer blow! Came through around 1am, of course all the windows were open. I woke up to rain in the face, bed wet! My wife got up and found the downstairs wet, with water all over the bathroom and dining room floors. Not a kind summer soaking... more of a hurricane on the cheap. The east side of all of our big pine trees have a dry strip about 1.5ft wide..dry!! Everywhere else was like someone hit it with a fire hose.

Rain... yeah, you can have it.