Monday, July 27, 2009

Did anyone see the spider?

Well.... did you? Did you see the spider on yesterday's flower?

I love shooting with our macro lens. I wish I had a bellows focusing rail setup so I could really work out the focus problems that plague macro work... but that will have to wait a bit.

I spent the weekend trolling through Craigslist and Ebay... looking at lenses. I have my heart set on a 70(or80)-200mm f/2.8 lens. Similar to what I shot with for the hockey tournament this spring. The Nikon model is just shy of two grand. Looks like Sigma makes a model (albeit without the vibration reduction feature) for about half that. I found a few used lenses for $800 or less... so the choices are tough.

The family made that choice a lot simpler last night though. We bought a dishwasher.

(we're getting a maytag!...not an LG)

You have to understand... we have never had a dishwasher. I know, I know. They are like air conditioning in cars. Everyone has it. They dont use it. Whatever. We dont have one. Never had one. So this week, while our new spanky dishwasher is on the way, we need to gut our cabint carcass, rig a water line, waste line and figure out the electrical.

Oh, and we need to throw pots.

Had a bang up Friday in the studio. Sold more pots than we had in two weeks! Blew my mind. We had some of the most fun customers stop in and share with us, all the details and fun from their visit to our area. Very fun. Best exchange was with a family with two kids from Michigan who MADE my day. Such a fun family! We sent them on their way after an hour in the studio... car full of pots, bags of clay in the back seat for the kids to play with on their 8 hour drive home.
Too much fun!!


Carrie said...

Oh, no..a dishwasher! I've been replaced! What will I do now to earn my keep during visits to the land of Sollas?

Alex Solla said...

Your absence has been too long Carrie! We miss you and wish to see you on one of your visits east. I know vacation time is dear, but maybe once in a while, you could stop in, rest a while, actually breathe a bit and catch up on life?
We miss visiting with you. In the meantime, we will name the dishwasher after you, in your honor. CCrane.

Anonymous said...

Dishwasher spelled another way is----FREEDOM!!!

Love, Granny