Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another Happy Camper... well, potter really

But you get the idea.

These pots are from Jan Brown. A local Ithaca potter of over 30 years, Jan was the first potter to convince me that cone 6 held great potential. Ten years later and I wouldn't think of firing anything but cone 6... all because of what I saw in Jan's pots over the years.


justin said...

These pottery shots are looking better and better! It looks to me like you worked out your foot shadow issue. Did you switch to the grid spot you were planning or are these shots indicative of results with a snoot?

Also, I'm really digging the slight sepia on these photos. It looks like an amber filter layered over black and white but it really makes these pop. Especially the third shot where you're getting some cool edge lighting.

jimgottuso said...

more nice shots alex... the pots are nice too and that glaze is a winner she has there.

Alex Solla said...

Hey there Justin- These were shot with my standard softbox overhead with a sweep behind it. Lit with 3 daylight balanced CFLs. No snoot, no gridspot, no strobe.

As for the toning of the image... you are right on the money. Started with a black and white conversion, then added a sepia layer and merged the two. Added some vignetting, and called it good.