Monday, January 4, 2010

Back in the Studio

I feel like I should hang a Welcome Home sign across the studio. I have been wandering in and out of the studio for two months now, feeling like a stranger in my own home. Today I took five pounds of clay, measured out my lumps of mud for making mugs, and made pots. Never before, in the twenty one years I have been making pots, have I ever missed more than a few weeks of making pots. This time it was a little longer. Four months, almost to the day. Tons of muscle atrophy. Monstrous amounts of physical therapy. And the end result today was that I was able to throw my footed mugs again.

Sure, it hurt. Yep, it was wicked uncomfortable to have to work around this ostomy... BUT I could throw again!

Ask a hundred potters the hardest thing about being a potter, they'll all say being away from the clay. Mud is such an addictive material. I have been very patient and tried hard not to push too hard, but every day the studio has seemed less and less like my home. Today I felt welcomed home.

And with that, I welcome back all of our longtime patrons and friends. We are planning something VERY fun for the Spring. Get ready for some new fun pots! I still have a ways to go, but things are going to be fun!


Darcy said...

Congratulations, Alex!! You have had so many huge milestones in these past months... it has been amazing to read about your journey. I absolutely love the mugs you recently sent... in fact I am drinking my late night herbal tea from one as I read your post. I love the color (lemongrass, I call it), the size, shape and feel. So glad that you are "home again" and able to do what you love and what you do so well!

cookingwithgas said...

Good to have you back.
I find that dreams are such a personally thing.
I dream deep involved dreams with smell and color.
My mother rarely dreams, my father could go back and finish dreams.
I find in times of unrest dreams bring me to a place that wake does not.
Keep up the good work of getting your life back.


Anonymous said...

Yippiee! Welcome Home Alex! (that's from your studio, not me) My son was thrilled to get his own bowl for Christmas. I look forward to your new creations. Laurie

Lee Love said...

Welcome home Alex!

Linda Starr said...

so glad to read about your return to your studio and clay.