Friday, January 1, 2010

Physical Therapy - Happy New Year

As a surprise, my sister and mom decided to come up and visit us for the New Year. I hadn't expected to see my mom till February. Bear in mind, I go to physical therapy no less than two times each week. While they were here, they REALLY wanted to go to PT with me so they could see what I was working on. Both Aurora and Maggie were kind enough to catch me in various states of frustration, awkwardness and pain. The upshot is that it reveals that I am improving.

Happy New Year everyone. Two Thousand Ten is gonna be a very different year for this family... and we're starting it off right!


jimgottuso said...

go alex go... standing on that ball seems impressive even if you weren't recovering

Alex Solla said...

Jim- You are so right. Just getting up on that ball... and standing there is tough. To add throwing a medicine ball at a trampoline/rebounder (and catching it!) is crazy. Trying to use the handled rubber bands and rowing on the ball is almost as bad since it wants to pull you OFF the ball.

But the end result is that it helps.

Brian said...

Wow. I feel your pain. I also recognize all your exercises. I'm going through much the same routine for 'dashboard knee' from a head-on auto collision.
I haven't yet graduated to the giant half ball on the rebounder tho... just the blue squishy pad. Wednesday I'll likely be having cortisone injections behind my kneecaps.
Keep up the great work!!