Thursday, January 7, 2010

Call Me Squid-Boy

I think there may be a prize for having "the most weird procedures done to one's body in a month"... and if so, it had better be a really good prize. Like a lifetime supply of Ghiradelli chocolate or a month long stay in a villa in Tuscany. Instead, I get to be Squid-Boy. So far this week I have seen my cardiologist almost everyday. In addition, I have gone to physical therapy twice (and will go again to both PT and the cardiologist tomorrow). Today they hooked up a Holter monitor to my chest in hopes of figuring out the root cause of the ventricular tachycardia I experienced in the ICU (for six seconds). With all of these wires all over I feel like I have been assimilated into the Borg collective. Either that or I am on the fast track for squid research.

An aside: according to Aurora, the only thing she fear in the ocean is the Humboldt squid. A squid with spikes on its tentacles. A squid which can flash different colors as signals to other squid. A squid that will cannibalize fellow Humboldt squid. A squid that has been known to attack divers. Imagine my surprise when hundreds of them washed up on the shores as far north as Vancouver! Apparently, the El Nino current had pushed them north of Oregon when the water suddenly turned cold and they were too far north. So.... maybe migration wasn't part of their holiday plan this year?

Now, for those of you who didn't resort to eye bleach after seeing that image of me first thing... did you notice how much of my body they shaved this week? I feel like a dog with mange. I had only just started re-growing that part of my pelt which had been so frequently shaved in the ICU and in rehab. It's simply unfair.

Good news: The part of my abdomen edited from the picture above (to save those with squeamish stomachs) would show that most of my surgical wounds are nearly healed. The small holes left after the surgeon went diving for his polyline in my intra-abdomen are completely sealed over. The major wound left from the last major surgery in the ICU has reached a point now where we can finally start guessing when this nightly wound changing will end. My bet is on next Tuesday. We shall see!


Marco Loco said...

Sexy! You should attach the cables to the nipples, I bet it tingles. See what the doctor says :-)

-Rob, Simple Circle Studios said...

That squid sounds like bad news. Of course if you thought about all the really wicked things out there people would probably never leave the house.
Glad to hear the wounds are finally healing.

Linda Starr said...

you're brave to post that photo of you, ha, did you hear about the squid (true story) that went on shore and got half of a coconut and brought it way out under water and then went back to get the other half and then used the two halves for a cave - I guess squid are smarter than we realized.

judsculpt said...

Glad to see you are back in the pottery and actually showing a photo of yourself, all the best.