Thursday, February 11, 2010

Catching Up

It's been over a week since I have had time to post anything on this blog. I wish I could say I have been busy making pots. Nope. I wish I had been busy making images... but nope, I wasn't. I can't even really figure out where this week went.

I spent a lot of time waiting. I know that much. Waiting for shipments to arrive. Waiting on deliveries. Waiting for doctors. Waiting for the snow to fall. In the end, there was time spent on my derriere that could have been put to better use. At some point in all this waiting, I started rooting through the images on my cell phone. Nothing amazing really... especially considering the hideous quality... but interesting nonetheless.

This was shot right immediately as a huge storm went past (summertime).

Shot tonight, from the parking lot at the hockey rink in Lansing.

Nancy and I, at Taughannock back at the beginning of Summer 2009.

Living it up at Five Guys.


justin said...

This post makes me miss you guys so terribly much. I love all three of you. I'm really happy where we are save that I always wish we could be closer to you Solla's.

Alex Solla said...


The feeling here is the same. Driving through town the other night in some very nasty slush, I kept thinking about how much I would rather be sitting down to hot soup and crunchy bread with you and Dana. Aurora thought that would have been the perfect way to spend her birthday. (instead we went to Five Guys)

The upshot though is that we are only a phone call away. If things work out better this year, maybe we can swing out your way and see you sometime towards Oct-Nov??