Monday, February 1, 2010

Shooting One More Round For January

Mary Ellen Salmon ©2010 Cold Springs Studio Photography

Mary Ellen Salmon ©2010 Cold Springs Studio Photography

Salmon Gallery ©2010 Cold Springs Studio Photography

Julie Crosby ©2010 Cold Springs Studio Photography

I have spent more time in January making images of pots than I have spent actually MAKING pots. This is a first! It has been a blast too. Something about getting to see other styles of forming has been very informative. I love handling other potters' pots and this new process makes it that much easier! Before I get setup, I try to look at what sort of images they've had made in the past, or what their current website looks like. I compare that to what I think the forms could look like if shot differently. It's always a tough process but it becomes even tougher when you find other photographers who are making really great images.



I need you to take pictures of MY pottery. What lovely images!

jimgottuso said...

love that first bowl... it's beautiful. the pictures are supreme too.

cookingwithgas said...

love those pots!
I love texture.
Your shots are great and I wish I could pop over with some pots to shoot.

Alex Solla said...

Thank you for the kind words. Shooting Mary Ellen Salmon's pots is always fun for me BECAUSE of that texture. It just screams for dramatic lighting. I did some goofing around images using side lighting and cross lighting via strobe. They were awesome images, but nothing like the ones we chose for her final images. I have tons more to learn about strobe before I can pull that style of lighting off.

And Meredith... as for bringing pots over to shoot... I put a bug in Samantha Heneke's ear about having us come down to NC to do a weekend workshop, teaching folks how to shoot their work. You guys already have a pretty good idea how to shoot your work. One weekend with some intensive hands-on and you would easily be on your way!