Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow Day

My mom arrived from Miami yesterday. Today the forecast called for a snownado...whatever that is. Supposed to get wicked winds and scary deep snow tonight. Less than a decade ago, this wouldn't have even rated a "BIG" snowstorm rating. I think with all the media over-exposure, we are simply expecting more and more drama from our weather. Can't we just have normalcy? I sometimes wonder if we have lost the ability to understand when hyperbole has lost its meaning.

While the snow outside fell steadily, we stayed inside and kept warm. Nice way to pass the day. By the time we had reached mid-afternoon everyone was ready for a nap which gave me a chance to set up lights. Got a few dozen images off before everyone awoke. Then it was laughing and cavorting of the first degree.

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jimgottuso said...

mom looks content with the kitty. i'm with you, we live in hyperbole world, that's why i keep titling my posts, "blizzard" in louisville, etc., i don't think we've ever had a blizzard. i was raised up near you and we had some snow when i was a kid... i think it was 68 or 69 when we got a huge storm so everything down here is small... people go crazy tho