Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Still Cold

It is still wicked cold as night falls, but I am trying to get myself out there at least every other night. Sure is hard when your hands feel like clubs after 10 minutes of exposure. I need to find something to keep these digits warm. Suggestions? Mittens are not working because I need to be able to use the dials and buttons on the camera. Ideas?


Maggie said...

Fingerless mittens, two patterns I particularly think would be fun to knit are:



Let me know if you want me to whip up a pair for you.

Those hand warmers we were discussing would also be a good idea, maybe we could incorporate a heatable section on the palm of the mitts, so you'd be able to throw your mitts in the microwave for a few minutes before heading out and have the cherry pips/pearl barley warmed up. This could make washing the mitts tricky though.

Brian said...

Flip top mittens?
The ends flip open when you need to, then you can close them back up. Either that or fingerless gloves, but they still leave your fingertips numb.
Try googling 'flip mittens' and/or look around the hunting dept of a big store.

cookingwithgas said...

Wow! that is a WOW shot!
I am ready for some warm weather myself.
It's been quite a winter all over!

Alex Solla said...

@Maggie & @Brian-
I think you both may have hit on something here. I will start searching for fliptop mittens and if I cant find anything suitable, MAGGIE, you will be getting a birthday request for partially fingerless mittens! Very cool. Thank you both for ideas and suggestions!!


A little alcohol before you head out makes EVERYTHING warmer. :)

Alex Solla said...

Alcohol eh? Spoken like a true Utahan. Wait... reverse that.

Heck, at this point my proprioception is still fetched enough that adding any alcohol to that mix would make me mega-wobbly on my feet. Nice idea though!