Tuesday, June 15, 2010

And now, for something (not so) completely different

I finally finished the (first draft version) new website for our photography venture.

Here it is: www.alexsollaphotography.com

Alex Solla Photography is finally open!! My goal is to begin booking sittings for portraits immediately, with the potential to shoot at least one wedding per month through the rest of summer and fall. We have missed the end of the school year, so we don't have any of next year's seniors lined up for portrait sittings this summer. I think we may still land some as we get the word out and also market ourselves locally (albeit outside of the schools during the summer).

So, if you know of a high school senior in the Finger Lakes region who needs their senior pictures taken, please feel free to pass along our name.


Q, said...

hey. this looks great. Too many Nancys and Auroras...but it looks like you will have new material to fill in the gaps. Shoot some non ceramic work for portfolio (like glass) as there are a bunch of glass artists in Corning who might need help with portfolio shooting etc. Do you have a mailing list from the ceramics business? How about a postcard (Ii have a cheap resource) to them announcing your portraiture...suggesting graduation, wedding, wedding anniversary, baptisms, big birthdays, corporate portraiture...Sky hook the people you already know.

Alex Solla said...

Thanks Q- You're absolutely right about too many shots of Nancy and Aurora. Hadn't thought about shooting glass... nice idea! As for a mailing list... oh yeah. Probably over 4000 people on our mailing list at this point. Who do you use for postcards? I meant to ask you who you used for your notecards. The color was awesome. Loved the matte finish.

As for skyhooking folks you already know... ABSOLUTELY. Keeping a customer is a whole lot better prospect than having to create a new convert!

We should try to get a shot of you and yours before everyone heads off for school this fall. Pick a day. (sooner is better than later!)


jim said...

hi alex... the new site looks great! good luck with the endeavor.