Thursday, June 17, 2010

Willing Subjects

I have been ultra fortunate this week to have had four willing subjects to sit for their portraits. I have a lot of things I have been ruminating on since beginning this new venture, but tonight is too far gone to begin expressing those musings.

For now, I must suffice to share some of today's images. More tomorrow.


justin said...

Great portraits! Especially love that low key portrait of Gordon. Beatiful architecture of the face. Was this your new studio heads? If so, I'm surprised they can stop down so far (I'm guessing from the depth of field that you're somewhere around f/4). That's a nice spread of light, sir, and you handle black and white light like a master. Well played.

Alex Solla said...

Damn Justin, you scare me with your accuracy. f/4 it is. And yeah, the new strobes can be dialed down to 1/4 power... which isnt really low enough to go where I want to with my shots sometime. So, the choice is then how far back to move the light source and what effect does that have on the shadows. I like working with one light... but if you pull the light back say 2-3 feet so you have a LOT less light, you can then open the aperture up... but now, since the light source is farther away, your shadow lines are MUCH harsher. You have abrupt sharp lines transitioning from shadow to light. You seem to lose that buttery smooth transition of greys. Still learning here! For sure.

Q. said...

Alex: the two individual heads (black and white) go straight into the portfolio. Beautiful beautiful.