Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Another Week, Fewer Pots, Newer Pots

the tangerine and both turq bowls are sold

the blue plate has sold

the tangerine oval tray has sold

the turq teabowl has sold

I wont go through the trouble of posting prices. Suffice to say, they're the same on our website. This will be our last weekend home before we're gone for a brief vacation the following weekend. For folks out there keeping score... that means we have less than two weeks left of the studio being open. Pots are still coming, but some things we are totally out of... like: soup mugs, footed mugs, ruffled vases, oval vases, pitchers, lg/med mixing bowls.... too many things really. BUT we have a mountain of plates, and more coming!

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cookingwithgas said...

Hi Alex- we do have a pretty good program over at the community college.
It is where Tracey's husband went-
This has given us some good local photographers in the area.
We are always talking about a class for the local potters and one of the locals has done that and the college has also provided a good class.
I think it could be something you could do- get your name out there in the clay world.
It is important to have good shots and we all know the difference it makes.
I would check through your local sources to see what you have there.
Then look into teaching at places where there are clay students and professionals- Penland maybe!
Best of luck- I will miss your work but hope that they all have good homes.