Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ordering Depression with a side of Self Pity (or Sabra comes the rescue!)

Sabra's AWESOME silverware (and kick-ass container!)

Yawp. That would be me tonight. Between my slowly fading headache, my gnawing back pain and my overtired eyes.... you'd think that would be enough. But no. I had to go and try to build a wardrobe tonight. You heard right. After thinking about the fact that my photography clients are going to be less than inclined to have me show up at their special events or place of work, looking like I just stumbled out of a pottery studio, clay stains and all... I figured that it was time to change into something new. Something stylish. (Stop laughing!) Something comfortable. Black.

The hard part was coming to grips with the fact that my body is no longer the shape it was a year ago, or even a month ago. I've been heavy most of my life and by and large, I fall under the larger than large size. Post-surgery though, I have zilch in the way of abdominal muscles. With the onset of the latest incisional hernia, there is even less holding my innards in... so the resultant bulge in my front really looks weird. Not cool. So, I am trying to find ways to pull it all together somehow. Doing so though, forces me to stare at this girth and it depresses the living shit out of me.

I still imagine that I look like I did when Nancy and I got married. Ha. I wish. That was seventy pounds ago. Trying to work my mind around this new shape is more than difficult. But somehow, in the midst of this self-deprecating morass, I realized that no matter what I looked like, I needed to feel better about my appearance

On Friday we were visiting with our wicked cool friend Sabra up in Rochester. There's something so awesome about friends who'll be thrilled when you just drop in out of the blue. That would be us. Dropping in while we were in the neighborhood picking up enormous bags of styrofoam packing peanuts.

A year ago, I was helping Sabra with some glaze calculation stuff. We'd never met in person, but were introduced by a fellow potter, and we worked together online. Fast forward to my coma and Art Trail in October... Nancy needed to be in the hospital with me, but she was determined to keep the gallery open as best she could. Sabra came to the rescue! She showed up with bells on! To this day, we continue to hear great stories about how awesome she handled sales. Apparently some folks were simply cut out to sell other people's pots! God bless em.

So, while visiting with Sabra on Friday, Nancy asked if she knew of a shoe store she would recommend... to find shoes for me. I needed something more snazzy than Crocs. Go figure. I don't argue about shoes with Nancy. If you dont know why, read her blog: Sabra recommended (and we do too!) a place in Fairport Ny called 123 Shoes. Great little store. We walked in and twenty minutes later, left with a pair of shoes that were perfect for what I needed. Stylish, semi-formal, decent support... and the fit is outta this world! Nice touch: they come with a 30-day, walk-around guarantee. Wear them outdoors for a month. If you dont love them, they'll take them back. Gotta love that!

Thank you Sabra!! You definitely sent us in the right direction. Now if only we had found Dog Town ... a hot dog joint she was trying to help us find. Next time!

Ferro showing off his mug for the camera. He really liked Sabra when she came to visit last month!

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