Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Getting Ready To Take It All Down

414981 - Blue Blue Day, 15"diameter

After having our gallery walls hung with our huge Glaze Tectonics platters for the past eight years, the time has finally come to start taking them down and crating them up. They simply have never sold as well as one would hope. As much as I love looking at them and reflecting on them, they have never reached out to the public at large. Most people simply cant imagine paying 2D prices (ie painting, print, photography prices) for a clay disk filled with glaze that happens to hang on the wall. Maybe the lineage is too close to being a mug. Maybe it is the old dirt cheap metaphor. Who knows? Doesn't really matter. The real estate is too precious to leave these beasties hanging around. Time to bring them in from the cold, to wrap them up and call it a night.

Which leaves the next question: What is going up in their place? Ahhh. Prints.

Today FedEx pulled into the driveway and unloaded six BIG boxes full of framed, matted, photographic prints. Nancy and I sat down, went through all of my favorite images, and picked out a dozen. They are now framed in a few different sizes... basically big, bigger and DAMN that's big!

My hope is that Nancy and I will have time to repack all the platters this weekend and start hanging the new prints soon. I already unpacked one box and I haven't recovered yet. Mpix makes amazing prints! The framing job is better than I could have done on my own here. Very high end job! Definitely worth the cost. Next week: Pics of the new photographs on the wall!!


cookingwithgas said...

yes- keep moving in that new direction- the old one door closes- and yet behind door number 2 a new chapter.

Alex Solla said...

Mornin' Meredith- I was thinking about doing workshops where artists/potters would learn how to shoot their own work. Think there'd be an audience for this in your neck of the woods? If so, who'd help organize it? I'm trying hard NOT to let go completely of my life in clay. It isnt easy making this transition. Looking forward to the blogging show!! Might be the last pots we ship!

corinne said...


Can you give me an idea of Mpix prices? I know you did a lot of research to decide on a company.

Alex Solla said...

@Corinne- Mpix prints can be pretty darned cheap. Really depends on what you need in terms of printing. There are plenty of other places out there that are cheaper... I just think their print quality is awesome. Great service too.

For images that you upload pricing is pretty cheap:

Take a look and see what you think. Adorama also does good printing. We've used Snapfish in the past. They do nice work.

All depends on your printing needs.