Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday's Pots - Straight from the kiln

Apprentice's teapot in Pear $120, 1 matte purple sorbet bowls (Sold)

Blue teabowl $36, small pear mixing bowl $60

Small mixing bowls in Matte Purple and Pear (SOLD), $60 each.

Matte purple salad plates ( 2 SOLD), $30

Small serving bowl in Matte purple $48

Small serving bowl in Matte purple $48, Blue canister $50, pear salad plate $30

Tiny teabowl in Turquoise $36 (SOLD)

2 comments: said...

wow they look lovely, I really like the purple glaze. Something I'd like to do myself!

Alex Solla said...

Thanks! If you ever get the hankering to work on a rich matte purple, drop me a line and we can talk about the process Nancy and I used to develop this color. Fun stuff!