Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Giving It Another Try (598)

598, 1998, untitled, fired to cone 8 over three days, and cooled 
for three days, oxidation. $1200

This platter never received a wonderfully descriptive or artistic name. It still sits there, with it's original designation: 598. It wasn't the five hundred and ninety-eighth platter... rather it was made in May 1998. That really just takes into account when it was thrown. In many instances it was months between when the platter was thrown and when it was glazed and then fired.

When it first came out of the kiln I was so disappointed with the glaze blisters. I almost smashed this platter into gravel, I was so frustrated. I kept it on my shelves for a few weeks in hopes that I would find something redeeming about the flaws. Over the next month it began to grow on me. By the time I put it on the way for its first vertical exhibition, I was quite taken with it.

Some of these details may end up as posters. The level of detail is staggering. So much rich color and texture!!

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