Friday, December 28, 2012

Other Pots Needing New Homes

Woodfired, but beyond that, I can't remember much. I am mortified that I can't recall who made this. Definitely happened in Utah. Hand sized. Makes a nice cup.

Not a terribly large jar. Great for a small batch of cookies. I think this was made by Tony Clennell but I am not sure. One of my students glazed it at the end of the year when we were emptying shelves and tossing bisqueware.

I can't recall who made this. Tall mug. Nice airbushed blue glaze over Oatmeal, cone 10, reduction.

All of these pots are up for grabs. Pay for shipping or come out to the studio to pick them up. Who ever claims them, gets them. I'll edit this post to reflect when they are gone.

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Julia said...

All three of those are great pieces!