Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Should've Taken Better Notes

I feel like a failure. I look at these pots and I remember the faces that made them, but the names escape me. I think the small mug above was made by Wil Shykaruk from Canada, but it doesn't have his usual chop.  The rest of the pots in this post are anonymous.

This pot has found a new home. YAY!

 The last image is of the very first cup I ever purchased.  My girlfriend at the time, Jen, found it for me in a gallery in Port Townsend. She wanted me to make work like this. Yeah. Not so much.

All of these pots need to find new homes. Prefer local adopters, but if you want to pay USPS or FedEx to get it home, we can arrange for that too.


Linda Starr said...

those are some great pots, love the second form, happy holidays to you and yours.

alexander solla said...

I always wished the the second form had a nice big drainage hole so I could plant something into it. It would make a great planter with a cache pot inside it. Love the fluid slip decoration around it.

Amanda Ginovsky said...

If the last cup still needs a home I'd love to claim it :)

alexander solla said...

Amanda, that little cup is yours. Even has your name inside it now.