Friday, September 7, 2007

Boxes six

It never really rained. So after hauling all that heavy 3/4 plywood indoors, I had to move it all back outside again. To make a long story short, I spent a day cutting it all up to size, and then today and yesterday were spent fitting it all together and gluing and shooting these boxes full of brads. DONE. Had planned on doing the finish work this weekend... things like drilling holes for shelf brackets, spraying with primer..etc. Instead my DW has decreed that tomorrow shall be a day off. Haven't really had one of those in months. Probably will still end up with 2-3 hours in the studio at nightfall... but the day is a day for play up in Rochester.

We plan to take in the Clothesline show, and then visit another show put on by one of our painter friends. Luckily they are both nearby since parking is going to be a chore. Here's the link to the
"second storie" show.

Should be a nice fun day in the city tomorrow. Means good food too!

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