Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday comes with rain

We haven't seen much rain this fall. Not complaining mind you, but things are wicked dry. Tonight the thunder in the not too far off distance is comforting. Felt some sprinkles so far but no deluge. We need some major soaking.

In the studio today was a sweet day. I spent most of it making dinner plates for orders placed back in August and July. I love making plates...well, I love the throwing part. The trimming part seems to just take forever. If all goes well this winter we are hoping to make our new dinner plates like our salad plates...squared circles... so, there's something to look forward to in the spring. NEW dinner plate forms!!!

The studio shelves are full of serving bowls tonight. Had a nice evening throwing and faceting and just playing. Almost lost a few... just too damned thin. Those holes will have to be patched in the morning! The image above is from a small one I made about a year ago. Love the combination of the faceting and slip trailing. Top it off with a nice sweet glaze and good lighting. Wish I still had this bowl!

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