Saturday, September 8, 2007

Saturday on a field trip

Today we went to the Clothesline Craft Show as visitors instead of as artists for the first time. After seeing the entire show we left feeling disillusioned. The sheer volume of buy-sell, bad art and just plain crap outnumbered the decent fine crafts by ten to one at least. When all was said and done, it was more of a craft-y flea market with crafters holding sales and haggling over prices... and less a venue where fine craftsmen could show their work to the public proudly and make an honest wage. Demeaning. Demoralizing. Like an animal in the zoo.

To get the taste out of our mouths we drove home the slow way. Stopped a few times to take pictures and enjoy some interesting light as storms rolled in around us. We drove through the hills around Seneca Lake. Here are a few of my shots. To see Nan's check out her blog.

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