Sunday, September 2, 2007

Building Cabinets for the Dining Room

Labor Day weekend and I am working on building some built-in cabinets for the Dining Room. We are desperately short on space for pottery and books in this house. We could have wall to wall shelves EVERYWHERE and we might have enough room for our books and pottery.

The weather couldnt be better. Sunny, dry, 80-ish, no real chance of rain. Perfect for dealing with cutting wood. So far I having a few problems, but a few more hours of thinking, measuring and cutting should provide some answers.

My goal is to be done enough by tomorrow to be able to hang them, unfinished... hopefully then we can paint them in the Spring. Who knows, maybe even get some nice trim for the tops and sides too.

Ideally, by Tuesday I want to be back to work on some dinnerware orders we have. Also have a craving to work on more oval pitchers. They have been a real hoot to make. Very fun.

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