Sunday, September 30, 2007


Weekends pass like clouds racing before a storm. You look to see how remarkable, how beautiful and then they're gone.

The Finger Lakes of NY gets most of its charm from those perfect days of Fall when the air is crisp, the sun bright and the sky the most wicked shade of blue. This was one of those weekends. So much of it was spent outside, hoarding the sun, the wind, the coolness.... all in hopes that this memory would be enough to last till next Fall.

As a result, not a ton of pots were made this weekend. A great many were glazed and fired. Tomorrow morning early we'll see if we made coal or candy. Needs to be candy since nearly every pot in this firing is spoken for by either a patron or a gallery. Making a run to Rochester in the morning to deliver pots. I love visiting Rochester.

The vase in today's posting was shot this morning; strong sun streaming in the gallery windows. So much sun that even with all of our track lighting shadows just poured around pots. Pretty wild!

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