Monday, July 7, 2008

Back to the Mud

Today was a splendid day. Fired off a bisque before 8am. Had a bunch of great customers throughout the day. Managed to get a slew of batterbowls trimmed and ready for handles tomorrow. Got through the hottest part of the day by remaining in my kayaking duds from my early morning foray. I went out into the lake on a blustery day... winds whipped the waves up into some nice steady chop. In the end, I came home mighty wet, but happy! Topped off the day by UNLOADING the aforementioned bisque this evening, washed off all the pots and even managed to get everything waxed so tomorrow morning I can dive straight into glazing!! Fun day!

Nancy and I took a field trip on Sunday to the Johnson Museum to see the Ithaca Ceramics show. Opening will be this friday from 5pm-7pm. Hope everyone can come!!! It is a very interesting show. Wide range of styles and aesthetics. All in all, a very well put together show. Dying to see how the opening fares.

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