Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's just the heat and humidity

The past few days have been muggy. Wet leathery days where the sun glares, the clouds sweat, and the air just hangs there. Like passing time in an old locker room. It got to the point yesterday where I HAD to go find someway to cool off. Ended up spending gas money as an escape. We had planned on going on a little photo-safari but the glare and overcast nature of the day made it useless for photography. Was hoping this morning might be more conducive to taking pics... nope... instead we are getting more sweaty skies. Not enough water to classify as drizzle or rain, but enough humidity that one could squeeze the sky and wring out bucketfuls.

Guess that means I need to be out in the shop working on mugs. Seems like EVERYONE wants footed mugs this week. The last batch that came through the kiln was just amazing. Would have been even better without the catastrophe 2 weeks ago. (this is where you imagine me reflecting back, back....) Left 2 boards of footed mugs, decorated, footed, the works.... all sitting outside, drying,... while Aurora and I went off to Ithaca. Came home to find the rainstorm had filled them all to the brim with water, but now had soaked through the bottoms and everything was melty-melty. Talk about depressing. In all my years, I have never had this happen. Chalk this one up to a learning experience.

So, I am off to make footed mugs for the day. Need to make platters too. Had a run on platters earlier in the month.

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