Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sky Flowers

My mother says my blog entries are too depressing. Hmm.
That makes me sad.

No, seriously. I never intended to write anything generally considered morose. If anything, I hope to share some of the fun stuff, the odd insights, and the general mirth that fills the house and studio of a potter.

Tonight was the 4th of July. Well, not really. Today is the 2nd, but Ithaca is weird. They do fireworks early. Maybe it is cheaper? Dunno. But we had fireworks. The plan was to be down near the lake before they started shooting off fireworks. Plan worked well, except the fireworks were sort of late. No biggie... got Nancy and Aurora around to play with light and to help me figure out some of the more esoteric manual modes of my camera. To that end, here are some images of us playing with light. Oh, and some sky flowers.

all done with an LED flashlight and a 2 min exposure!

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Anonymous said...

looks cool!

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