Thursday, July 24, 2008

More images

N & I reflecting on things inside and outside, in Seneca Falls, NY

N's shot of some very fun glass block, in Seneca Falls, NY

Red RED fire hydrant, in Seneca Falls, NY

There is a lot to be said for thunderstorms keeping me out of the kayak and off the lake. I had planned to have a quick morning excursion but after checking the radar this morning, I decided that getting into the studio would be a much better use of time. After a very full day getting a kiln tightly loaded and some more small platters trimmed, I was ready for a break.

There is something very exciting and at the same time relaxing about working on photographs. I think the retouching aspect reminds me of my old darkroom days. Details details details. Here's a quick glimpse of tonight's fun stuff.

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