Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How'd you spend your weekend?

This past weekend we were in Rochester at the Corn Hill Arts Festival. Corn Hill may have been an art show at one time but lately it has really become more of a food fest and a chance for folks to buy art-on-a-stick. The booth next to us was selling dried flower arrangements.... for WAY more $$$$ than our pottery. Depressing.

Saturday was about as hot as it can get here without people bursting into flames. Sunday started off okay, then rained till just about closing. Made for an uneventful Sunday. The sun came out and all was beautiful.... right as it was time to go home.

During our copious free time we wandered the show and came across one of our woodworking friends... Marc Freedman. I love Marc's work. His sense of line and his obvious devotion to the materials and attention to detail really makes his work stand out! Here are a few images.

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