Friday, April 10, 2009

Having Friends Over

Dana and Justin are some of the most awesome friends we know. They are wicked fun, patient, kind, literate, and know how to have a good time. They cook up a storm.

We met Dana and Justin about 2 years ago as they began planning for their wedding and asked if we could put together a wedding registry for them. Turned out to be our most enjoyable registry ever! Tons of great pots and all the people who called to purchase pottery from their wish list were fantastic folks.

So little by little, we have come to know and love Justin and Dana. They're really fun to cook with, talk about books and movies, take pictures... you name it.

Sad thing is: they're moving to California.


Before they leave though, they decided they really wanted a chance to try to make pots on the wheel.


Anonymous said...

looks like they got the hang of it quickly

Dana said...

As I remember it, we met you when we wandered into your studio almost four years ago and were floored by the art we found. You showed us the back that first day, and how you had a whole shelf dedicated to someone's wedding registry. Justin and I left going: man, someday when we get married, we should totally register there. So a couple years later, we did!

But yes, it's no fair that we're moving.