Thursday, April 2, 2009

More Scenes from the Lakeside

I have been spending quite a bit of time down at the lakeside already this year. It is only the second day of April and I am already considering putting the kayak in the water. This is just way too warm for April.

The light on the other hand is perfect. We keep getting the most magical light on these sunny clear days. Today started out with a healthy dose of fog and blur... but I didnt have my camera with me. So I probably missed the best images of the month. Yeah, I know. It should be stapled to my hand, but that would get in the way of making pots. Either that or I would end up using that pricey Nikkor lens as a rib and everything I threw would be out of focus!


Anonymous said...

beautiful shot alex... i'm partial to the subject matter

Alex Solla said...

Thanks Jim. The subject matter eh? So either you love trees or you love spring light. I guess either way that says a great deal about you.

I'm always glad someone out there can appreciate what I see when we're out shooting.

I think about half of the time when I am shooting, my brain is actually seeing the images in Black and White... which means in color, they dont look so hot. But as I modify them in Photoshop, they start to sing. Such was the case with this one. (I hope!)