Thursday, April 23, 2009

Let the Naming Contest Begin

These are the two new colors. You get to name them!

These are the two new colors.

Color on the left is the NEW color. Mug on the right is glazed in our old Turquoise. And the new name for the new glaze on the left is??? (Make sure you identify this new glaze name as Glaze #1)

The teabowl on the left is glazed in our Forest Green. The glaze on the right is our new glaze #2, which needs a name. Ideas? (Make sure you identify this new glaze name as Glaze #2)


We occasionally hear that our glaze names are too staid, normal, perhaps
even boring. So, knowing that we have to use these glaze names with a straight
face, to sell our work to galleries, to post on our website,.... with that in mind,
we open our contest to you.

We need new names for our two newest glazes!

Here's the deal.... if we LOVE your choice of name, and we use it,... then YOU get
a pot of your choosing in that color. We will keep the contest open for two weeks to give everyone a chance to apply. A final decision will be made on May 7th. Winners will
be announced that day.

How to enter:

You have two ways of entering.
You can email us by clicking HERE

or you can submit your choice of name by leaving
us a comment on the blog.
Please indicate glaze #1, glaze #2.

Best of luck to everyone!


Alex Solla said...

Here are the names that have been submitted so far (and the names of those who submitted them)

Tobi Andrews suggested:
Glaze #1:Seafoam Mist
Glaze #2: Tidewater Kelp

Carol Bloomgarden suggested:
Reef Dive
Kona Coast


Kathryn Hughes suggested:
Glaze #1-suggested name-Aqua Spring
Glaze #2 Earth Moss or Earth Glory

Dana said...

Glaze #2 looks like "Pear" to me, and glaze #1 looks like "Aqua."

Michael Kline said...

I like lichen and island blue.

Ellen Mulligan said...

glaze # 1: verdigris
glaze # 2: butter bean

Alex Solla said...

from Sabra Wood:

i'll bite.

#1 seafoam
#2 grass hopper

i don't expect to win, but so what???

thanks for the fun.

Anonymous said...

from Elizabeth Paley

Nice colors!

Glaze #1 = aquamarine
Glaze #2 = lichen green


Michael Kline said...

Oh!! I like grasshopper, maybe I'll retract my "lichen". It's definitely more grasshopper than lichen. Maybe a bit greener than grasshopper, but since the grasshoppers emerged yesterday in numbers out in our field, I think it's a good sign.

I also like aqua spring. Sounds like Cold Springs...maybe aqua springs?

June Perry said...

#1 Carribean sea

#2 Falling leaf green
or Pea soup

Alex Solla said...

Oh, I like these! Keep em coming! This is exactly what I was hoping for.

RSW said...

#1 Ocean Bottom
#2 Olive Morning

Newfoundout Potter said...

Since most of your pottery I presume is for food use how about renaming all your colors with food or food related names.
#1. Blue is a real challenge and I have not been able to think to blue food except for various drinks. So how about Blue Frost for #1. See link below on how to make it - sounds yummy with lots of cream, though I am not a drinker.

How about including a recipe card with each pot with that colour?

#2 Pistachio.

Your other colours could be watermelon, Orange sherbert, caramel etc. Imagine a recipe card for each one -
As you can see I'm into gimmicks again! I loved the TV show The Apprentice - though I can't stand Trump and all what he stands for, but I loved thinking up all the marketing ideas and hooks.

Anonymous said...

Rats, several others beat me to it, but here goes any way----
Glaze #1- tropic blue
Glaze #2- lichen

Cheers! Granny

Anonymous said...

from Joe Streno out in Seattle:

Glaze 2 =

1. Sunday In The Park
2. New Mown Lawn
3. Green Green Grass
4. Photosynthesis

Linda Starr said...

#1 aquavelvet
#2 coastal moss

Michael Kline said...

OK, I know I've already used up a couple of votes. But I can't resist my stream of conciousness...

After Linda's suggestion I think aqua velva would be nice, but unfortunately it's already taken.

And then I was thinking celery bisque after the food name suggestions of 'newfoundout potter"
I'll go back to my seat now. Thanks for letting me write on the chalk board one more time.

Newfoundout Potter said...

Here is another one in terms of food - Kline's suggestion of celery bisque has given me this name for #2 Cream of Asparagus.

Anonymous said...

glaze #1 - millpond
glaze #2 - reedy indeedy

Anonymous said...

Love Jim's suggestions-----
Millpond and Reedy-indeedy!!!
Those are appropriate for COLD SPRINGS!

Cheers! Granny

Anonymous said...

New green glaze. Skinny Dippin Toad

New turquoise Pacific surf



Alison Howard said...

#1- Tickle Me Turquoise
#2- Mossy Stone

We love your pots!!!

Anonymous said...

Names for the new glazes!

Glaze 1: Aegean Green

Glaze 2: Mediterranean Olive

Autumn Leaf Gifts

Dana said...

I have a few more.

For glaze 1:
Robin Egg

For glaze 2:
Green Tea/Tea Green

justin said...

All right, here are some other options that I've been kicking around



Anonymous said...

Hope Fregerio suggested:


Here is what I came up with for your new glaze colors.

Glaze #1 - Edisonite, meaning mottled blue turquoise OR Blue Gold.

Glaze #2 - Midori - Pronounced mee-DOR-ee. It is of Japanese origin, and its meaning is green.

Hope you like them! I love your pottery!


Hope Fregerio