Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Meet our apprentice - Hannah

Our amazing apprentice, Hannah, has been making plates and serving trays with us for almost 3 months now. Her first month was filled with frustration as her slab trays and plates continued to warp. Each batch she would try something a little different. Each firing would produce slightly better plates. Now we're at the point where almost all the plates she makes are coming out top notch! To celebrate we decided to document her at work... what's the process look like and how do we do what we do?

Now we're getting ready to fire and glaze hundreds of plates that Hannah has made since January. They are in great big stacks just waiting for glaze. Should be fun!


Craig Edwards said...

Nice to see such a happy pottery!! Keep up the good work Hannah

Anonymous said...

great to see the youngsters starting off... good luck on the firing hannah

Alex Solla said...

Hannah rocks! I try not to brag too much about her for fear that she'll get scooped up by someone who can pay her scads of money. She tries so hard at everything she does. Her dedication definitely shows in the work she makes for us, as well as in her own work.

Suffice to say, we're awfully lucky to have her!

Anonymous said...

It appears that Hannah takes great joy in her work. And, Alex, I like how you captured the light on her hands. That tells a whole story in itself.
Cheers! Granny