Thursday, June 4, 2009

Color correction and learning what it means to be grey

After reading Danny Jauregui's post today in DPS (Digital Photography School)... I just had to throw my two penny's worth in. This post is just phenominal in both its simplicity and the enormity of what it fixes. Granted, there are lots of ways to color correct images, but this is just about perfect. I am wondering next if there is a way to apply these white/grey balance settings to further images shot at the same time!

One of the tools I have been wanting since it first came on the scene is the ExpoImaging Disk. I love the way this works! I looked at a lot of the other white balancing lens caps and other target disks that "guarantee" a perfect white balance everytime. I guess I would have to test them all to find out for sure, but my bet is on the Expo Disk.

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