Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ithaca Festival Parade

Nancy, Justin and Dana, on our way to the Festival Parade

This was for me, the coolest bike I have ever laid eyes on!

This though, is the tandem Aurora and I would most likely ride: the Reeses Tandem!

I think this weekend whooshed by faster than I could keep up.

On Thursday afternoon the Ithaca Festival Parade made its way through Ithaca under the ever present dark and foreboding sky. We were sure it was going to just dump on us. So much so that we made sure to bring umbrellas. I never carry one.

It didnt rain though.

Instead, for the first year in at least 3 years, we didnt get wet at the parade. We saw lots of folks we know. Saw lots of fun floats too.

So here are my few edited images from the parade.

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Dana said...

I still want the orca bike.