Thursday, June 11, 2009

ExpoDisc testing and Aurora's Flowers

For my birthday, my wife and daughter bought me an ExpoDisc. You need to bear in mind, we've been on rationed-spending for months now. This is our dry season in the studio. Summer is still just out of earshot. So spending money on un-necessaries is verboten. Well, they did it anyways. I have complained about my frustrations at getting tight color with my Nikon D80. I just think that the sensor tends to be a bit on the blue-heavy side of things generally. Even with custom white balance it still seemed off.

Here's the proof ... (where's the pudding?)

My results: this little gadget couldn't be more awesome. You put it in front of the lens, aim at the light source you're working from, hit your white balance, and done. Shoot, rinse, repeat.
I LOVE IT. I think the image above demonstrates how significant the difference is. Mind you, I dont think that the left hand image is "bad" but the right hand image is definitely as close to dead-on color fidelity as I have ever seen with this camera.

Ironically, my 8 yr old Olympus that Aurora has recently taken ownership of... has the best color fidelity of any of our family's collection of digital cameras. It may have ultra-sluggish shutter response, weird lens range, annoying quirks.. but the color out of that camera rocks!

Having toyed briefly with a D90 at Christmas, I think Nikon has definitely upgraded their processor engine. I think I'll hold out for an upgrade till the economy takes a bit of an upswing though. Heck, I am still finding out what some of the features buried in my camera do!

Here are a few images Aurora shot over at Schaeffer Yarns (and IRISES!) a couple weeks back.

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Patricia Griffin said...

Wow, makes a huge difference - especially when you see the "before" and "after" side-by-side like that! Happy Birthday!