Friday, June 19, 2009

Three at a time - plus me

Our three apprentices: Hannah, Dana, and Justin.

Today all three of our apprentices were working in the studio. At the same time. We have a tiny studio. Folks who haven't visited our humble workspace are always under the illusion that we work in a spacious open studio with ample sunlight and great views and breezes.... and it just aint so. We (all six of us!) share a space 14x30... for throwing, handbuilding, trimming, glazing, and drying.

Other parts of the studio house our kilns, slab roller, and gallery... but the making space, is not large. For one potter, it is a great space. For two potters, it works just fine. Having four of us in there today was a hoot. Somewhere between herding cats and juggling jello. Every board that was moved needed backup warning beeps and permission from air traffic control. By the time the afternoon was here and it was time to call it a day, I was sure everyone would be at eachother's throats. The opposite was true. It was all smiles. Everyone found their place, work got made, and fun was had.

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Docks-Pottery said...

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