Saturday, June 6, 2009

Our Seconds Sale is About to Begin!

And I am so, so, soooo not ready! We had our kiln down for over two weeks. I've had a nasty go-round with diverticulitis for the past three weeks. All in all, that's not a good combination... and yet....

And yet, we have TABLES and TABLES of pots, loaded with gorgeous pots that just didn't make the cut. Pots that are ever-so-not-quite-perfect. LOTS of them.

Doors open at 10am. Better get my butt into high gear! Always more to do before guests and patrons start arriving!!!


Tobi said...

Thinking of you guys today! Pictures, please??

Alex Solla said...

Only for a dollar.

Alex Solla said...

Actually, we are almost sold out.


We had a BANG up morning. By 11am we had seen probably 25 people, and all of them left with bags and bags of pots. One woman bought almost ALL of the dinner, salad and dessert plates. Blew me away!