Monday, June 15, 2009

Reason 2: Why I love having a sister -Going Places

Aurora and Maggie at the Ithaca Farmer's Market on Saturday

Are we having fun yet?

Maggie, Aurora, Justin and Dana.
Maggie had made coconut macaroons, so we had to share some with Dana and Justin.
That meant a meet-up at Farmer's Market.

Big Andrew and Aurora
Last time he saw her (last summer) she was eight inches shorter.

Today is my sister's last full day in NY state. We did so many things this weekend that I had zero time to add stuff to the blog. For that matter, I lacked the time/energy to glaze and fire the next load of pots too. So, today is a work day. Tons to do, pots to pack up and ship, more pots to glaze and get ready for another firing. Yesterday's glaze firing finally finished off this morning before we went for our walk around the gorge at Taughannock Falls today. Pics from that maybe tomorrow.

Where did we go? We started off at the Treman Marina in Ithaca for a photoshoot, then off to Farmers Market for some perusing and shopping. Found some old friends, some new friends and ran into our apprentices Dana and Justin. Mag had promised to bring them some of her killer macaroons! Then we went to Borders for a bit, so Aurora could begin her weekly intake of comic books. After that we headed out to Lansing so Maggie could attend a spinning workshop/gathering. One thunderstorm and 4 hours later we picked her up and headed home to make more fun foods!

Sunday was a little less eventful with us taking a trip to the Cayuga Creamery after lunch, then heading over to Lodi Point for a photoshoot and beach walk. Then we travelled north to Geneva, had a quick dinner and then home along the lake through Amish country. Stopped along the way at Schaeffer Irises again. I had to see what new flowers were in bloom. Definitely wasn't let down. Cheryl always has tons of things in bloom. Yesterday was no exception. Everyone else's gardens were looking beat and hammered from the thunderstorm... not her's. It looked fresh, perky and ready to go. Pics from that tomorrow or Wed.

All in all, it has been a fantastic weekend. I'll post some stuff from the studio-side of things mid week.

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