Thursday, November 12, 2009

Field Trip!

After making my first foray into Ithaca for out-patient physical therapy (thank you for the ride Douglass!!), I spent the rest of my morning stretching and noodling about the house. I was just about to wash dishes for a few minutes when I got a call from Jeff (from the Cayuga Creamery).

Would I like to go on a photo excursion to take pictures of the white deer, says he. A field trip thinks I. OH BOY! A chance to get outta the house and not a chore, not a doctor's appointment, not to the hospital! YOU BETCHA!

Three thirty rolled around and we were off to the east side of Seneca Lake, to the old Seneca Army Depot, where they have snow white deer. The light was falling and the air had a nice crisp snap to it.

We were able to get pretty close, oftentimes within 10 feet. Fall light is fleeting and by 5pm, it was too dark to shoot more. Coming home I was so excited and tired. Jazzed to be out doing something fun, and tired from getting in and out of the SUV, sore from trying to walk and stand on the uneven roadside ditch grass. But most of all, I was thrilled to have friends who are willing to go out of their way to come and visit, take me places and keep me from going stir-crazy while I recuperate!


Anonymous said...

OMG--this is SO wonderful! Thank you, Jeff for extending the invitation. Bravo to you ,Alex, for all the energy and effort it took for this excursion, and last but not least, thank you both for the amazing photos. This is what life is all about.
Love, Granny

Autumn Leaf said...

Alex, great to see you able to enjoy your photography again -- and great pictures! Glad to see your recovery is going well.

Dana said...

God, it's good to see you out and shooting pictures again! Welcome back, man!

cookingwithgas said...

Wonderful- thanks for sharing and I know everyday is going to be better.

Alex Solla said...

It really is good to be up and about. There is always some pain in my legs, feet and ankles mostly. Walking is getting easier, but with the coordination and distance and endurance comes... more pain. Go figure. Today I am trying to take it a little easier.

Taking pictures has always been fun, but now I am seeing things just a little differently. Not sure if it is a result of the hospital stay, the coma or just more time to be home.

More on life in the coma next week.

@Dana- Thanks for the welcome. I still find it hard to believe I almost didn't make it.

@Neccica- Imagine not being allowed to lift your tripod because it weighs more than 5#. Had to have Jeff help me with pretty much all the loading and unloading. Once we were set up, I could move stuff, mostly by getting it onto my shoulder.

@Granny- Energy, YES! I was just about to zonk when Jeff called. This was just the shot in the arm I needed to get going! Combining that with Nancy's massage work on my feet and ankles,.... made for a wonderful day.

Michele and Kevin said...

Alex--good shot of the 6 point! We saw him on Saturday afternoon and never get tired of seeing these beautiful creatures. I'll bet you are REAL glad you bought that new camera!

jenny said...

OMG~~~these are incredible photos. So glad I looked at your blog.